Updating Your Mac’s Router


There are tons of ways to configure a MAC router. Your router sits on your computer like any other router. In order to change things, you need to go inside the network and make the changes.

Your router keeps the IP address inside, like address You need to be able to access the number on your browser page. The router model for is Linksys. When you go into change things, you will need this information.

Once you have all the information, how do you change it?

1) Simply type the above number into the address page and it will take you there.
2) Next, you will be directed to enter in the password. This is a password you should have written down when you first set things up. If you have forgotten it, you can the router. However, this will cause your earlier configurations you set up to be lost. Your best bet is to us an administrative password.
3) You should be at a small page that you can change the settings on. Simply reset the router and remember the information. Write it down. Once it’s all changed, exit out of the page.


If you have followed all of these steps properly, you should be all set. Any further questions, please go online and do a keyword search.